Endocrine Disease and Pregnancy

1 Thyroid Regulation and Dysfunction in the Pregnant Patient John Lazarus, MA, MD, FRCP, FRCOG, FACE
2 Pituitary and Adrenal Disorders of Pregnancy Mark E. Molitch
3 Calcium Metabolism during Pregnancy and Lactation Christopher S. Kovacs, MD
4 Diabetes In Pregnancy Elizabeth Buschur, MD, Bethany Stetson, MD and Linda A. Barbour, M.D., M.S.P.H.
5 Benign Breast Disease in Women Richard J. Santen, MD
6 Endocrinology of Pregnancy Reshef Tal, M.D. Ph.D., Hugh S. Taylor, M.D., Richard O. Burney, M.D., M.Sc., Stephen B. Mooney, M.D. and Linda C. Giudice, M.D., Ph.D.