How to Manage Existing Hypothyroidism Perioperatively in a Patient NPO ?


I was called to evaluate a 82 year old female with cholecystitis who had hypothyroidism and has been taking levothyroxine 125 mcg/day. Her last TFT was fT4- 1.3; TSH - 6.1 three days ago. Patient is NPO. Suction tube is in place. It is on constant suction. There is a plan for surgery in 5-7 days. Should be levothyroxine be given IV or withheld for a short period of time. Thank you for your service. I always read all your Q&A section. It is very useful. Feel free to publish my question if you find it interesting enough for physicians. Sincerely yours, Dmitri Kirpichnikov

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No problem to withhold it for a few days. Regards, Georg Hennemann, MD,