Question-I have recently seen a 47-years of age lady with a diagnosis of Achondroplasia. Someone had ordered calcitonin (CT) test during bone evaluation in another center and found to be elevated (≈250 pg/mL). The test repeated 3 times in different labs and similar CT levels were documented. Thyroid ultrasonography is completely normal.. I considered mild elevations of CT might be related to autoimmune thyroiditis, renal failure, protom pump inhibitors etc..I ruled out these possibilities. I know that non-thyroidal neuroendocrine tumors can also increase the CT levels..I will put an effort on that.
Would  you have further suggestions ? Is this CT elevation might be related to achondroplasia? With my best regards, Ass. Prof. Dr. Alptekin Gürsoy, Ankara Güven Hospital

RESPONSE-. There is no known relationship between the high calcitonin and the achondroplasia. Moreover, patients with achondroplasia are not at an elevated risk of thyroid pathologies or neuroendocrine tumors.My suggestion would be to continue your search for secondary causes of elevated calcitonin (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2710445), and once all excluded, provide surveillance for potential thyroid pathologies. Philippe Campeau, MD