Domperidone and Vagina Bleeding?


I need to know the effect of motilium ( Domperidone) Dopamine agonist on postmenopausal women. Could it be a cause of abmnormal vaginal bleeding in this group?Thanks .Fatma Almarashi M.D. F.A.C.E. Medical Director, Dubai Healthcare City


Domperidone is not used in the U.S. It is a dopamine receptor antagonist (D2 and D3). It has been used to induce lactation by increasing circulating prolactin and does not cross the blood brain barrier. Other uses are similar to metaclopramide. Since the ovaries are inactive in the menopause domperidone should not cause bleeding as it does not have estrogenic activity based on its structure to the best of my knowledge. James H. Liu, M.D.