Low Somatomedin C Level


I enjoyed "endotext" and hope to stay in touch with you. Right now I have a question. A 48 y/o man with hepatitis C, HTN, probable bipolar, had for a while consistently lower hemoglobin A1C values. No certain history of hypoglycemic episodes. TSH 0.64, repeated 2.13 (?), somatomedin C 63 (normal range 94-252), glucagon 56 (40-130), BUN and creatinine tend to be low. Should we consider somatomedin-C value relevant, is his lower HgB A1C explainable by liver damage with hepatitis C? <edkorkut@hotmail.com>


The relatively low IGF-I (Somatomedin C) is fully explained by the patients Hepatitis C, and should not give rise to further endocrine tests. Low HbA1c cannot be used as a diagnostic measure for hypoglycaemia. Only a fasting test will be helpful here. Low HbA1c is most likely associated with a short lifespan of erythrocytes. Best regards, Jens Sandahl Christiansen, MD