Switch Patient From Rosigli T Azone?


I am a consultant Endocrinologist from the Kingdom of Bahrain.I would be grateful for your assistance regarging the issues related to the use of Rosiglitazone(Avandia).Is it safe to continue using this drug for my patients?Dr. Yahya Al-Zaman,BSc,MD,FRCP(UK), Bahrain


If a patient without heart disease is on Avandia and is doing well, I would leave them on it, unless they insist on being changed to Actos. In my opinion, the data, when are looked at as a whole, do not show a significant increase in cardiac risk with Avandia. However, given the adverse publicity, I probably would not start any new patient on Avandia - rather I would use Actos. Another question concerns the increased fracture rate with both drugs in post menopausal women. How to deal this problem remains an unanswered question.Ira Goldfine , MD