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WWW.ENDOTEXT.ORG is produced by the owning company, MDTEXT.COM,INC. Our company, formed in Massachusetts, is a NON-PROFIT CORPORATION, directed by the editors and authors. The Board of Directors  elect the officers,  who in turn operate the company. Currently Leslie J De Groot, MD is President and Treasurer, Ashley Grossman, MD is Vice-President, and Fred Singer, MD is Secretary. The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB), an academic unit of the College of the Environment and Life Sciences at the University of Rhode Island, supports the publication of WWW.ENDOTEXT.ORG in association with the authors and editor, Dr. Leslie De Groot, a member of CMB   Henry De Groot, MD is our Internet Technology Consultant. Income is derived from grants, contributions, and payment for chapter downloads. Income is used totally for the operating expenses of the company, primarily small honoraria to authors, and payment for operation of the Website.We are supported in part by Unrestricted Educational Grants from pharmaceutical companies , and we are grateful to ABBVIE,Inc for helping make our educational website available to Endocrinologists world-wide. We also have rare and non-intrusive ads with links to pharmaceutical company sites providing product information. 

Why We Present this Site

We target the website to practicing endocrinologists, fellows, and trainees, and intend that the website should be available to anyone around the world without cost. Our single goal is to help improve the clinical practice of endocrinology around the world.
Physicians caring for their patients often need immediate access to information on disease manifestations, testing procedures, diagnostic criteria, and the very latest information on therapy. With a moment of leisure the physician may also wish to read in detail about the disease physiology, differential diagnosis, and genetic diagnosis, if available. Traditionally this material came from a printed textbook. Numerous excellent books are available, and they will continue to be cornerstones in physician education. But most printed texts are outdated, expensive, often unavailable, and can not be easily updated. Currently nearly every well-trained physician has a computer on his desk, hooked to the Internet, and increasingly he/she looks to the Web for patient care information. The Web is instantly available, can be accessed without charge, and can provide fully-documented, current, reliable, medical information - crucial in practice - within seconds. However the Web is inundated with medical information that is unreliable or biased. Thus if MDs are to depend on a Web-site, it must demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and reliability, by having highly respected editors and authors, independence of operation, and thorough review of all published material.

Our goal in developing ENDOTEXT.ORG is to make needed information on endocrine disease immediately accessible to practicing physicians and trainees, and have it available to MDs around the world, without charge. We concentrate on clinical disease, its diagnosis and treatment.All of the editors and authors of our site are recognized authorities in their fields, and all material is reviewed in detail before presentation on the Web. All material presents the knowledge and opinions of the authors and editors, and is specifically intended to be free from bias toward any commercial product.

Another example of our approach to provision of medical information can be seen by linking to www.thyroidmanager.org which offers a complete source on thyroid disease, and much more.
For further information on books, editors, authors, sponsorship, and advertising, contact: ldegroot@earthlink.net     (2/5/2016)



ENDOTEXT is a unique 3 million word authoritative, comprehensive, constantly up-dated, downloadable, free Web text book, written by 400 experts, and oriented to MDs caring for patients with Endocrine disease. These MDs come to ENDOTEXT because they require up-to-the-minute information useful in their clinical practice. T he Authors and Editors of WWW.ENDOTEXT.ORG intend that our Endocrine Web-book should remain a resource available to MDs around the world without a requirement for registration or cost. Quite obviously this goal presents a challenge. We offer the pharmaceutical industry opportunities for sponsorship via advertising, and/or educational grants. In our presentations, products are described using their generic name. If sponsors wish, we can place a display for their product on an appropriate page , and hyper-link the product name directly to the sponsor’s web-site. This advertising provides forceful name recognition in an “academic” setting, provides the reader with immediate access to necessary prescribing information, yet is minimally intrusive to the reader.

ENDOTEXT currently provides 3-5,000 "page impressions" and has 600-1000 unique visitors each day. Replies to an on-going voluntary survey indicate that the readers are 80% MDs, 10% trainees, and <10% patients. Readers come from all over the world, with high representation from USA, Central and South America, and Europe. Nearly 90% of responders rate the content of our site as outstanding or excellent.

Information displayed on our Home page will generate +/-  60,000 page impressions per month, as will displays on several of the Sectional Home pages. Page impressions available on individual chapters vary widely depending on topic covered, as expected. Certain chapters covering important topics will also provide up to 60,000 page impressions per  month.

We offer to place standard "Leaderboard" displays (728 × 90 pixels) or "Medium rectangle" (300 × 250 pixels) on Sectional Home page, and on Chapter Home pages , for 6 month units of time. Typical displays are now present on our Home page. Larger displays can be accommodated on some pages. We also offer banners (728 x 90 pixels) at the top of any available chapter. Our rates are based on standards for per-1000-impressions, reach an exceptionally defined target group of "ENDOCRINE ORIENTED PHYSICIANS", and are highly competitive.

Interested parties should contact Leslie J De Groot, MD ( ldegroot@ earthlink .net ) , or call 508-525-2870, or 508-994-5104.


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ENDOTEXT.ORG never gives any personally identifiable information to any third party.
We may share aggregated information about our reader’s professional interests with advertisers and supporters, but never in a form than can be related to or identify an individual reader.

If you, as reader,click on an advertisement, you may be move  to a different website Use of any information provided by you to that website will be governed by their privacy policy,

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