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Endotext (www.endotext.org) is produced by the owning company MDText, a non-profit organization formed in Massachusetts. The Board of Directors consists of the Editor (Kenneth Feingold) and Sub-section Editors who are responsible for electing the Executive Officers and maintaining company operations. Current Executive Officers are Ashley Grossman, MD (President), George Chrousos, MD (Vice President), Jonathan Purnell, MD (Treasurer), and Fred Singer, MD (Secretary). Income is derived from grants, contributions, and payment for chapter downloads. Income is used totally for the operating expenses of the company and payment for operation of the website. We are supported in part by Unrestricted Educational Grants from pharmaceutical companies, and we are grateful to ABBVIE, Inc for helping make our educational website available to Endocrinologists world-wide.



Our single purpose is to help improve the clinical practice of endocrinology around the world through online access to information that is continuously updated.  We target the website chapters and content to practicing endocrinologists, fellows, and trainees, and intend that it should be available to anyone around the world without cost.

Physicians caring for their patients often need immediate access to information on disease manifestations, testing procedures, diagnostic criteria, and the very latest information on therapy. With a moment of leisure, the provider may also wish to read in detail about the disease physiology, differential diagnosis, and genetic diagnosis, if available. Traditionally this material came from printed textbooks. Numerous excellent books are available, and they will continue to be cornerstones in physician education. But most printed texts are outdated, expensive, and often unavailable. Currently, nearly every well-trained physician has access to an internet-connected computer or device and increasingly he/she looks to the Web for patient care information. However, the Web is also inundated with medical information that is unreliable or biased. Thus, if providers are to depend on a Web-site, it must demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and reliability by having highly respected editors and authors, independence of operation, and thorough review of all published material.

The focus of our content is on clinical disease, its diagnosis, and treatment. Our editors and authors are recognized authorities in their fields and all material is reviewed in detail before publication on the Web. Therefore, all material on our website represents the knowledge and opinions of the authors and editors and is specifically intended to be free from bias toward any commercial product.


Information for Companies Interested in Providing Educational Grants in Support of Endotext

Endotext is a unique 3 million-word authoritative, comprehensive, continuously up-dated, downloadable, free online textbook, written by 400 experts, and oriented to physicians caring for patients with Endocrine disease. These physicians come to Endotext for up-to-the-minute information useful in their clinical practice. In order to preserve Endotext as a free resource available to practitioners around the world, we offer the pharmaceutical industry opportunities for sponsorship via educational grants. If interested, please contact the editor of Endotext, Kenneth Feingold MD (kenneth.feingold@ucsf.edu)


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Information supplied at registration is intended solely for internal use so as to understand the professional characteristics and interests of our readers. Endotext never releases any information on individual subscribers to any third party.