Figure 5. Photomicrographs of transilial bone biopsies of patients with rickets and osteomalacia (A, C and E) and siblings without bone disease (B, D and F) (Courtesy of Drs. D. Gazit and I.A. Bab). A and B: Modified Mason stain; magnification x130. Note in A: broad osteoid seams (arrow), osteoid trabeculae (heavy arrow) and irregular mineralization front (rectangular arrow).C and D: Polarized light; Von Kossa toluidine blue stain; magnification x360. Note in C: increased number of osteoid lamellae (arrows). E and F: Fluorescent photomicrograph, unstained; magnification x200. Note in E wide fluorescent bands (arrows), no double or single tetracycline labels and ground glass appearance.