Figure 9. Drawing of the vasculature of the primate anterior and posterior pituitary gland. A portion of the pituitary stalk (I) has been cut away to visualize the infundibular recess (IR) and portal capillaries (PC). CPV = confluent pituitary veins, CS = cavernous sinus, H = hypothalamus, IC = internal carotid artery, IHA = inferior hypophysial artery, IP = infundibular processes or posterior pituitary, LPV = long portal veins, SHA = superior hypophysial artery, SPV = short portal veins. (From Lechan RM, Functional Microanatomy of the Hypophysial-Pituitary Axis, in Melmed, S (Ed), Oncogenesis and Molecular Biology of Pituitary Tumors, Frontiers of Hormone Research, 20: 2-40, 1996.)