Figure 13. Coronal section of a fixed human brain at the level of the posterior hypothalamus. The third ventricle (III) lies in the midline directly above the mammillary bodies (m). The subthalamus (sb), zona incerta (zi) and thalamus (T) are located at the superior border of the hypothalamus, whereas the corpus striatum (ST) is located laterally. FL = fasciculus lenticularis, FT = fasciculus thalamicus, ic = internal capsule, SN = substantia nigra, H1 = field H1 of Forel; H2 = field H2 of Forel. (From Toni R, Malaguti A, Benfenati F, Martini L: The human hypothalamus: a morphofunctional perspective. J Endocrinol Invest 27 (supp to n.6), 73-94, 2004.)