Figure 15. Three-dimensional reconstruction of the developing proencephalon in the human embryo. Note that at the level of the inferior portion of the lateral wall is the region of the hypothalamus (Hyp) with the infundibular bud (I) and pituitary anlage (P) (Redrawn from Hines M, J Comp Neurol 34: 73-171,1922.) ap = alar plate, bp = basal plate, ce = cerebral hemisphere, cp = choroidal plexus, CS = corpus striatum, ep = epiphysis, EP = epithalamus, eps = epithalamic sulcus, h = hippocampal fissure, hs = hypothalamic sulcus, if = interventricular foramen, lt = lamina terminalis, oc = optic chiasm, sl = sulcus limitans, sr = supraoptic recess, T = thalamus.