Figure 39. Simplified diagram of major loci and pathways of the temperature control center. DH=dorsal horn, DMV=dorsomedial hypothalamus, IML=intermediolateral cell column, LPBN=lateral parabrachial nucleus, POA=preoptic area, PVN=paraventricular nucleus, rRPa=rostral raphe pallidus, VH=ventral horn. (Adapted from Roth J and Blasties CM, Mechanisms of fever production and lysis: Lessons from experimental LPS fever, Comp Physio 2014;4:1563-1604, 2014 and Lechan RM, Neuroendocrinology, in Williams Textbook of Endocrinology, 14th Edition, Hypothalamus and Pituitary, Ch 7, S. Melmed, R Auch us, A gold fine, RJ Koenig, C Fose, Eds, Elsevier, 2019.)