Figure 3. Glucose and beta-hydroxybutyrate levels in healthy term newborns over the first 96 hours of life demonstrating the period of transitional hyperinsulinism during adaptation to extrauterine life followed by the period of hyperketotic euglycemic/hypoglycemic phase of starvation until breast milk has come in and the neonate has adequate caloric intake. Stanley CA, et al. Figure 1. From Stanley CA, Thornton PS, De Leon DD. New approaches to screening and management of neonatal hypoglycemia based on improved understanding of the molecular mechanism of hypoglycemia. Front Pediatr. 2023;11:1071206 (25) CC BY 4.0. Adapted from Harris DL, Weston PJ, Harding JE. Alternative Cerebral Fuels in the First Five Days in Healthy Term Infants: The Glucose in Well Babies (GLOW) Study. J Pediatr. 2021;231:81-86 e82 (26).