Figure 4.The effects of hyperglycemia on insulin sensitivity was demonstrated in the pancreatectomized rat model which is described in Figure 1. Euglycemic clamp studies were performed at 2 different rates of insulin infusion to measure whole body insulin sensitivity 6 weeks post-pancreatectomy. The insulin levels achieved during the infusions were similar in all groups, 77 – 82 µU/ml at the low dose, and 154-174µU/ml at the high dose. Whole body glucose uptake was significantly decreased in the diabetic group by about 30%, while phlorizin administration, which maintained normal glucose concentrations, prevented this impairment of insulin action. Furthermore, when phlorizin was stopped, and hyperglycemia allowed to occur, the defect in insulin action was documented within 2 weeks (not shown). Phlorizin itself had no effect on insulin sensitivity. (Reproduced with permission from ref. 7).