Fig11-Müllerian duct development

FIGURE 11. Müllerian duct development can be subdivided into three phases.

First some cells of the coelomic epithelium (ce) are specified to become Müllerian duct (md) cells and acquire LIM1 and AMHRII expression. Second, they invaginate caudally towards the Wolffian duct (wd). Third, the Müllerian duct elongates caudally towards the urogenital sinus, following the path of the Wolffian duct, whose integrity is required for Müllerian growth. Müllerian cells are shown in blue, proliferating Müllerian duct precursor cells in red, coelomic epithelium in brown and the Wolffian duct in yellow.

Reprinted from ref. 232: Orvis GD, Behringer RR. Cellular mechanisms of Müllerian duct formation in the mouse. Developmental Biology 306:493-504 (2007), Copyright 2007, with permission of Elsevier.