Figure 6 . Clock transcription factor suppresses GR-induced transcriptional activity through acetylation.A. Clock/Bmail1 interacts with the ligand-binding domain of the GR and suppresses GR-induced transcriptional activity of several glucocorticoid-responsive genes through acetylating GR at a multiple lysine cluster in its hinge region B. Acetylation of GR by CLOCK reduces binding of GR to GREs and possibly alters the nuclear translocation of the receptor. A: acetylation, Bmal1: brain-muscle-arnt-like protein 1, DBD: DNA-binding domain, GR: glucocorticoid receptor, GRE: glucocorticoid response element, HR: hinge region, K: lysine residue, LBD: ligand-binding domain, NTD: N-terminal domain (Adapted from Nader, N, Chrousos, GP, Kino T. FASEB J 2009;23:1572).