Figure 2. Global Disparities in Type 2 Diabetes Risk Factors. This illustrative figure offers insights into the diversity in risk factors for T2D among children across the world. It highlights how these risk factors vary across different regions and populations.
Gender Disparities (Upper Part of Figure): In many Western countries, the risk of developing T2D in children is higher in girls compared to boys. However, this pattern is not consistent globally. In other parts of the world, an equal or even higher risk of T2D has been documented in males. The upper portion of the figure visually represents these variations in risk, depicting the female-to-male ratios in different regions.
Socioeconomic Status (SES) Variation: (Lower Part of Figure) SES plays a significant role in T2D risk. In Western countries, lower SES is associated with an increased risk of T2D in children. Conversely, in developing countries, a contrary trend is observed, with a higher risk of T2D observed in populations with higher SES. These complex socioeconomic variations are highlighted in the figure, showcasing how T2D risk is influenced by economic factors on a global scale.