Pediatric Endocrinology

1 Pediatric implications of normal insulin-GH-IGF-axis physiology Peter Bang, MD, PhD, MSci,
2 Disorders of Growth Hormone in Childhood Philip G. Murray, MB, PhD, MRCPCH and Peter E. Clayton, MD, FRCPCH
3 Growth and Growth Disorders Berrin Ergun-Longmire, MD, FAAP and Michael Wajnrajch, MD, MPA
4 Genetic Etiology of Congenital Hypopituitarism David J. Cullingford, MBBS, Aris Siafarikas, MD, FRACP and Catherine S. Choong, MBBS, MD, FRACP
5 Pituitary Gigantism Minu M. George, MD, Erica A. Eugster, M.D. and Steven D. Chernausek, MD
6 Skeletal Dysplasias Philippe Campeau, MD, FRCPC and Alan E. Schlesinger, MD
7 Pituitary Tumors in Childhood Anna Maria Calao, M.D., PhD and Rosa Pirchio, MD
8 Pituitary and Hypothalamic Tumor Syndromes in Childhood Hoong-Wei Gan, Manuela Cerbone, MD,, Chloe Bulwer and Helen Alexandra Spoudeas, MBBS MD DRCOG FRCP FRCPCH
9 Disorders of the Thyroid Gland in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence Maria Segni, M.D.
10 TSH Receptor Mutations and Diseases Gunnar Kleinau, MD and Gilbert Vassart, M.D.
11 Genetic Defects in Thyroid Hormone Supply Immacolata Cristina Nettore, Gianfranco Fenzi, M.D. and Paolo E. Macchia, M.D., Ph.D.
12 Impaired Sensitivity to Thyroid Hormone: Defects of Transport, Metabolism and Action Alexandra M. Dumitrescu and Samuel Refetoff, MD
13 Etiology and Pathogenesis of Diabetes Mellitus in Children and Adolescents Mabel Yau, MD, Noel K. Maclaren, MD and Mark A. Sperling, MD
14 Treatment of Diabetes mellitus in Children and Adolescents Mabel Yau, MD and Mark A. Sperling, MD
15 Diagnosis and Clinical Management of Monogenic Diabetes Rochelle N Naylor and Louis H. Philipson, M.D., Ph.D
16 Hypoglycemia in Neonates, Infants, and Children Elizabeth Rosenfeld, MD, MSCE and Paul S. Thornton, MB, BCh, MRCPI, DCH
17 Special Considerations Relevant to Pediatric Obesity Michael Rosenbaum, MD and Vidhu Thaker, MD
18 Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Nicholas Schmoke, MD, Sarah Ogle, DO and Thomas Inge, MD, PhD
19 Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Mabel Yau, MD, Ahmed Khattab, MD, Tony Yuen, PhD and Maria New, MD
20 Endocrine Hypertension in Childhood Saroj Nimkarn, M.D. and Maria New, MD
21 Sexual Differentiation Rodolfo Rey, M.D., PhD., Nathalie Josso, M.D., PhD. and Chrystele Racine, PhD.
22 Ambiguous Genitalia in the Newborn Sowmya Krishnan, M.D., Jonathan Meyer and Ahmed Khattab, MD
23 46,XY Differences of Sexual Development Sorahia Domenice, MD, Rafael Loch Batista, MD, Ivo J P Arnhold, MD, Elaine M F Costa, MD and Berenice Bilharinho Mendonca, M.D.
24 Cryptorchidism and Hypospadias John M. Hutson, AO, BS, M.D. (Monash), M.D. DSc (Melb), FRACS, FAAP (Hon), FCAPS (Hon)
25 Normal and Abnormal Puberty Guglielmo Beccuti, M.D. and Lucia Ghizzoni, M.D.
26 Medical Interventions for Transgender Youth Natalie J. Nokoff, MD, MSCS
27 Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndromes Mark A. Sperling, MD, Anna Angelousi and Mabel Yau, MD
28 Osteogenesis Imperfecta Joan Marini, M.D., PhD. and An Dang Do, MD, PhD
29 Osteoporosis and Bone Fragility in Children Rebecca J. Gordon, MD, Madhusmita Misra, MD, MPH and Deborah M. Mitchell, MD
30 Fibrous Dysplasia Alison M Boyce, MD
31 Primary Disorders of Phosphate Metabolism Thomas O. Carpenter, MD
32 Disorders in The Action of Vitamin D Uri Liberman, MD, PhD and Daniel D. Bikle, MD, PhD
33 Is Atherosclerosis a Pediatric Disease Don P. Wilson, MD, FNLA
34 Fetal and Neonatal Sterol Metabolism Laura A. Woollett and Amy S. Shah, MD MS, FNLA
35 Non-Invasive Techniques In Pediatric Dyslipidemia Damon B. Dixon, MD
36 Principles of Genetic Testing for Dyslipidemia in Children Luke Hamilton, MS, Ariel Brautbar, MD and Don P. Wilson, MD, FNLA
37 Genetics and Dyslipidemia Nivedita Patni, MD, Zahid Ahmad, MD and Don P. Wilson, MD, FNLA
38 Guidelines for Screening, Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Dyslipidemia in Children and Adolescents Stephen R. Daniels, MD, PhD
39 Lipid Screening in Youth Justin P. Zachariah MD MPH
40 Ethical Dilemmas in Pediatric Lipidology G. Kevin Donovan, MD, MA and Don P. Wilson, MD, FNLA
41 Reproductive Health and Its Impact On Lipid Management in Adolescent and Young Adult Females Ann Liebeskind, MD, Jennifer Thompson, MD and Don Wilson, MD
42 Familial Hypercholesterolemia Amy E. Levenson, MD and Sarah D. de Ferranti, MD, MPH
43 Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency Don P. Wilson, MD, FNLA and Nivedita Patni, MD
44 Sitosterolemia Ann Liebeskind, MD, Amy L. Peterson, MD, MS and Don P. Wilson, MD, FNLA
45 Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis Nivedita Patni, MD and Don P. Wilson, MD, FNLA
46 Lipoprotein (a) in Youth Catherine J. McNeal, MD, PhD and Amy L. Peterson, MD, MS
47 Genetic Disorders Causing Hypertriglyceridemia in Children and Adolescents Amy S. Shah, MD MS, FNLA and Don P. Wilson, MD, FNLA
48 Secondary Hypertriglyceridemia Irwin Benuck, MD, PhD, Don P. Wilson, MD, FNLA and Catherine J. McNeal, MD, PhD
49 Combined Dyslipidemia in Children and Adolescents Rae-Ellen W. Kavey, MD, MPH.
50 Nutritional Management of Pediatric Dyslipidemia Lauren A. Williams, MCN, RDN, LD and Don P. Wilson, MD, FNLA
51 Use of Lipid Lowering Medications in Youth Melissa L Miller, PharmD, Chanin C Wright, PharmD. and Brandi Rodriguez, PharmD
52 Management of Hospitalized Children with Severe Hypertriglyceridemia Alejandro De La Torre, MD, Luke Hamilton, MS and Don P. Wilson, MD, FNLA