Figure 7. Testosterone Plus Ornithine Decarboxylase 1 Inhibitor as a Selective Prostate Sparing Anabolic Therapy.ntact and castrated adult male mice were treated for 2-weeks with vehicle or testosterone with and without -difluoromethylornithine (DFMO), a specific Odc1 inhibitor, as follows: Intact, castrated (Cx), castrated + 15g/day T (Cx+T), castrated +15g/day T+ 15g/day DFMO (Cx+T+DFMO). Levator ani weights (right panel) in mice treated with testosterone plus DFMO were similar to those in intact controls and testosterone-treated castrated mice. Prostate weights in castrated mice were lower than in intact controls and were restored by testosterone administration to levels seen in intact mice (left panel). Mice treated with testosterone plus DFMO had significantly lower prostate weights than intact controls or castrated mice treated with testosterone alone, but not significantly different from those in castrated mice treated with vehicle alone. Thus, testosterone plus ODC1 inhibitor could serve as prostate-sparing selective anabolic therapy. Reproduced with permission from Jasuja et al, Aging Cell 2013.