Figure 1.(left) Stages of breast development. B-1: pre-pubertal; B-2: breast bud; B-3: enlargement of beast and areola with no separation of the contours; B-4: projection of areola and papilla to form a secondary mound above the level of the breast ; B-5: recession of the areola to the general contour of the breast with projection of the papilla only. (right) Stages of pubic hair development in females. Ph-1: pre-pubertal; Ph-2: sparse growth of long slightly pigmented hair usually slightly curly mainly along the labia; Ph-3: the hair is darker, coarser and curlier and spreads over the junction of the pubes; Ph-4: the hair spreads covering the pubes; Ph-5 the hair extends to the medial surface of the thighs and is distributed as an inverse triangle.