Figure 2.Stages of pubic hair and genital development in the male.G-1: pre-pubertal; G-2: the testis and scrotum enlarge, and the skin of the scrotum shows some reddening and change in the texture. Sparse growth of pigmented hair usually slightly curly mainly at the base of the penis (Ph-2) ; G-3: Testis and scrotum enlarge further, the penis grows mainly in length but also in breadth. The hair is darker, coarser and curlier and spreads over the junction of the pubes (Ph-3); G-4: Scrotum, testis and penis grow further with development of the glans and further darkening of the scrotal skin. The hair spreads covering the pubes; G-5: adult stage with spreading of the hair to the medial surface of the thighs.